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Aries: Aggressive asshole. 

Taurus: Obnoxiously corrects everything you do. 

Gemini: Starts rumors. 

Cancer: Cries at the most ridiculous shit. 

Leo: Can’t stop talking about themselves.

Virgo: Calls you stupid then asks for help.

Libra: Has a huge ego.

Scorpio: Never stops staring.

Sagittarius: Runs away.

Capricorn: Thinks they’re smarter than everyone else. 

Aquarius: Talks about crazy conspiracies.

Pisces: Calls in the middle of the night because they got arrested.


Aries: *Punches a hole in the wall*

Taurus: 'You are WRONG! I am RIGHT! I can't believe you could be so selfish!'

Gemini: *calls best friend in the middle of a fight* ‘listen to this okay..’

Cancer: 'But I love you' *sobs*

Leo: 'To quote Beyonce “to the left, to the left” bye'



When it comes to love, Virgo analyses every single Goddamn thing.
fun zodiac signs, horoscope sign facts daily.


When it comes to love, Virgo analyses every single Goddamn thing.

fun zodiac signshoroscope sign facts daily.



Aries: The gloomy weather enthusiast.

Taurus: Thanksgiving + FOOD!

Gemini: Pumpkin carving.

Cancer: Doesn’t leave the house because of all the new Fall TV shows.

Leo: Addicted to Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

Virgo: Doesn’t stop baking.

Libra: Sweaters!

Scorpio: Hosts the best Halloween party.

Sagittarius: Bonfires.

Capricorn: Dances in the rain and gets sick.

Aquarius: Goes out searching for the supernatural.

Pisces: Rakes up all the leaves into a pile, then jumps in it.


Aries: *Impatiently slices frog into two* Done where’s my A.

Taurus: *Keeps a cool face the entire time* Hmm interesting *throws up inside*

Gemini: This looks nasty *takes pictures anyway* Feels so weird *continues to touch anyway* Smells disgusting *Leans in and smell it again anyway* Bleh.


I Guess That’s True


I Guess That’s True

The signs as skeletons


Aries :


Taurus :


Gemini :


Cancer :


Leo :


Virgo :


Libra :


Scorpio :


Sagittarius :

Capricorn :


Aquarius :


Pisces :



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Stereotypes of the Signs pt.1 (NEGATIVE)

  • Aries: Aggressive. Probably on steroids. Only knows how to demand things with no regards to anyone else.
  • Taurus: A rock. No, literally, they probably haven't moved in a year. Have never been known to change their minds. Also, food.
  • Gemini: An ADHD weirdo who probably doesn't know how to shut up. Change their minds as fast as they change subjects. Probably have some kind of personality disorder.
  • Cancer: Your mom. It doesn't matter if they actually gave birth to you they will still act as if they did. Passive-aggressiveness galore.
  • Leo: Thinks they're the center of the universe. Secretly thinks they're above everyone. Will cry if they're not in the spotlight.
  • Virgo: Health-obsessed weirdo who spents 99% of the day cleaning. They were probably born with grey hair. Also, your mother but way more nagging and less likable.
  • Libra: Can't make a decision not even at gunpoint. Shallow as a kiddie pool. Would rather die than be alone.
  • Scorpio: Everyone is scared of them. Unhealthy interest on the occult. Most likely to be suspected of murder.
  • Sagittarius: A clown. Unless, they're shy then they're useless. Also, lazy as hell.
  • Capricorn: Work. Work. Work. Their ambition will crush you. Look like the poster child for normal but actually quite creepy.
  • Aquarius: Crazy and weird. So comfortable with their weirdness they think they're the only ones who are so. Probably have some kind of God complex.
  • Pisces: Have no idea what the word 'practical' means. Would probably end up living on the streets if left to their own devices.

Tips on how to Attract The Zodiac Signs


    Aries Zodiac: Don’t over-due the attention. They like a little bit of it but they don’t like to feel smothered. They’re independent people who need a mate, not another parent. Remember that they’re always in charge and they make the rules of the relationship. They like someone who’s into a simple and lasting relationship.

    Taurus Zodiac: It’s hard to impress a Taurus. They can be a little picky and it takes them awhile to get

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